Why Goal Setting Is Important For Weight Loss

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By Glenn Freiboth

Before initiating a weight loss program, it is important for people to know how much weight they should lose.

There should be two basic weight loss goals:

1) Initial goal (short term) 2) Long Term goal (approximately 1 year from now)

Both of these goals should be realistic and practical for you to achieve.

* Initial Goal - 10 percent Weight Loss
Achieving the initial goal will allow you to start enjoying the health benefits of weight loss immediately. For an initial weight loss goal, many health experts suggest 10 percent of your current body weight.

Current weight x 10 percent = initial goal for losing weight. For a person weighting 200 lbs, the initial weight loss goal would be 10 percent x 200, or 20 lbs. Weight loss of greater than 10 percent can be achieved under medical supervision.

* Long Term Goal
Long term goals vary from person to person, and your clients will need your help to determine them. Clients should be targeted within the weight appropriate body mass index (BMI) range, which you can easily determine with a BMI calculator.