The Guide to Staying Motivated About Weight Loss

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Your life: Self-esteem contributes to your perception of life, so maintaining your weight loss will boost your overall well-being.

  • Beat or avoid depression. Depression and obesity feed each other, but weight loss combined with moderate exercise increase your positive feelings.
  • Open closed doors. Get that job promotion. Walk all the way through the mall. Take just one seat on the airplane.
  • Change your self-image. Look at yourself in a full-length mirror without hating what you see.
  • Engage life. Ride a bike. Take a walk. Paint your toenails.

Your family: Those who love you are aware of the health risks related to obesity, so maintaining your weight loss is a gift to them as well as yourself.

  • Relieve their worries. Instead of fearing the worst, your loved ones will celebrate the new you.
  • Revamp your sex life. A few pounds lost, a few curves gained, a bit more energy harnessed"imagine what that could do.
  • Reconnect with your children. Instead of watching the kids play catch, imagine joining in the fun. Not only will you feel better, but you'll also build great memories of doing things together.
  • Raze the excuses. Instead of isolation, imagine yourself part of the group.

Your pocketbook: Obesity not only strips your energy, but it also attacks your resources.

  • Higher life insurance premiums
  • Higher health insurance premiums and increased medical issues
  • Higher medication costs -- both prescription and non-prescription drugs
  • Higher food costs
  • Higher clothing costs
  • Higher incidental costs (such as that extra airplane seat)

Weight loss is a choice for life. It takes time. It takes determination. It takes motivation. Making a weight loss motivation list, posting it on your bathroom mirror and reminding yourself daily why you are doing this can help you beat the weight and change your life forever!