Lift Your Spirits: 18 Quick Fixes for the Winter Doldrums

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By Jamie Jefferson

Winter is the time of year when I am always looking for a little lift. The string of days before spring unfolds just seem to stretch on and on.

Each year, it seems, I try something new at these times. Here are 18 things that have worked for me to lift the winter doldrums. See if any of these might work for you.

1. Try out a new exercise: something you've never done before. Whether you buy a new workout tape or try the Hot Yoga class at your gym, get moving in new ways.

2. Try a new hair color. It doesn't have to be anything dramatic. Just ask your stylist to add a few highlights to brighten up your look a bit.

3. Give to a new charity. With your family, research causes that are important to you and decide on a charitable gift. Whether you give time or money, making a new and fresh contribution can really renew your energy this time of year.