Lean For Life

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ImageA low carbs/high protein approach to getting rid of those extra pounds, there are a few phases of the Atkins-like program. The first phase, known as "prep," is designed to move the body into a state of ketosis. It allows for 50 to 100 grams of carbs, six servings of protein, 80 ounces of water and a fiber supplement.

Phase two is the month-long weight loss period. One day a week, dieters havea prep day, followed by the standard program for the remainder of the week. Once phase two is finished, there is the metabolic adjustment where the individual gradually adds food back into the person's diet.

Of course, there are plenty of diet-friendly products that support the program including smoothies, shakes, puddings, protein bars, snacks, soupsand more.

With the Lean for Life program, there is a plan that lasts for 10-weeks, as well as a 6-weekplan. For $249, members receive eight weeks of step-by-step nutritionalguidance, along with a two-week plan designed for metabolic adjustment.There are 10 weekly telephone sessions with a medically-trained nurse coach.

Tools also include daily motivational messages, a program workbook, Lean forLife nutritional bars, ketone sticks, a very interactive food diary, charts andgraphs and much more.