Idiot Proof Diet

ImageSearching for a weight-loss plan that is idiot proof? Well, that is exactly how Fat Loss 4 Idiots markets itself. The plan which sells itself as a sped up fat loss diet promises 9 pounds in 11 days. Say goodbye to low carb, low calorie and low fat. According to the website, none of those approaches are effective tools to lasting weight loss.

The idiot-proof approach is to change fat-burning hormones in order to lower the storage of fat-storing hormones. Rather than cutting back on what you consume, they claim you will eat more than three times the amount you usually do.

One of the main tenet's of the Idiot Proof Diet is the changing calorie theory. The metabolism burns calories based on an individual's defeating habits. It expects the body to consume in a certain manner. In an effort to surprise the metabolism, the dieter must shift the types of calories eaten to promote the burning process.

After the body has finished burning the calories, it will move onto burning fat tissue. In order for the technique to work, the foods must be fat burning compatible which means they should be simple to burn. With the Idiot Proof Diet, all of the food moves between one type of calorie to the next.

ImageThe Idiot Proof Diet offers an online diet generator which shows dieters menus based on the foods they want to eat. There is also a diet handbook full of fat-burning tips and tricks which can be downloaded. The diet generator spits out 11 days of meal plans consisting of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, whole foods such as cottage cheese or eggs and some starchy carbohydrates like oats and pasta.

There are four meals each day, and dieters are encouraged to eat 2.5 hours between each meal. Here is what a sample meal looks like...

Day 1
Meal 1: Flavored Oatmeal
Meal 2: Tuna Salad
Meal 3: Sandwich (any type)
Meal 4: Scrambled Eggs Meal

Day 2:
Meal 1: Banana Milk Shake
Meal 2: Chicken
Meal 3: Scrambled Eggs [and] Mixed Vegetables
Meal 4: Cottage Cheese

Day 3:
Meal 1: Chicken
Meal 2: Fruit Salad
Meal 3: Fish Filet
Meal 4: Cottage Cheese

Once the dieter has finished the 11-day meal plan, there is a 3 day cheat sheet to eat whatever he or she wants. After the 3 days, it is time to get back on the 11 day plan. For best results, the Idiot Proof Diet should be used along with physical activity, plenty of water and avoid processed foods and drinks high in calories.