The Inside Out Diet

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ImageBy achieving the correct balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria in the large intestine, it would be possible to keep the digestive system in check.

The Inside Out Diet has five portions of foods and vegetables, a daily probiotic drink which helps to add the levels of good bacteria in the stomach, three servings of whole grains, prebiotic foods including onions, leeks and more, few processed carbohydrates and relatively small amounts of saturated fats. Yet, it is rich in unsaturated fats such as avocados, nuts, a and olive oil.

Probiotics are useful in managing the number of harmful bacteria in the gut. Prebiotics are foods that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. Soluble and insoluble fiber found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains stop constipation and also reduce blood cholesterol and help keep blood glucose levels on even keel. The Inside Out diet utilizes all of the above to achieve the healthiest digestion possible.

Along with a digestion-friendly meal plan, the Inside Out Diet offers an easy fitness regimen that includes a walking routine, along with basic stretching exercises that promote good digestion.

The lifestyle component of the diet places an emphasis on habits that reduce stress and encourage good sleeping patterns, all of which end in better digestion.