What Foods Should You Buy Organic?

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Peaches and Nectarines: Bugs love their juicy sweetness as much as we do, so stick with organic.

Pears: In addition to being sprayed heavily, the very porous skin of the pear allows even more pesticides into the flesh of the fruit than apple skin.

Strawberries and Raspberries: Sweet and luscious, oh-so-delicious. See all those tiny depressions on the thin skin? Pesticide collectors! Strawberries also drink in pesticides through their core (the white part of the strawberry).

Bell Peppers: Sweet bell peppers have the dubious distinction of being the vegetable most subjected to pesticides. In tests conducted by the Environmental Working Group, 81.5% of sweet bell peppers had detectable pesticide levels.

Celery. Pesticide puddle -- doesn't that sound appetizing? Water collects in the bottoms of celery stalks, and so do pesticides.

Potatoes. Conventional farmers literally pour chemicals on the noble spud. Because potatoes grow underground, pesticides poured on top easily penetrate the potato's thin skin.