Revealed! 20 Best Dieting Tips

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19. Once you've lost the weight, the work isn't over. Your next challenge is to keep it off, and that can be even harder. Weigh yourself every week, and if the number on the scale is going up, turn to your old friend, the food journal, and start tracking. This will bring your awareness back to what you're eating and help keep a two-pound gain from becoming five.

20. Bring your own appetizers to casual parties. Don't rely on the host, or the other guests, to supply diet-friendly munchies. If you bring dishes like low-fat chips and salsa, or homemade hummus and raw vegetables, at least you'll have something healthy to munch on. And maybe, other people will join you.

Finally, learn to accept your compliments gracefully. If someone says, "Wow, you look amazing," don't denigrate yourself by responding with, "Well, yeah, but I still have 20 pounds left..." Just smile and say, "Thank you!" You've earned it. And these tips for dieting success helped you get there.