Revealed! 20 Best Dieting Tips

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16. A binge does NOT mean you're a failure. We're only human, and all of us have horrible days when we try to comfort ourselves with food. But downing that entire container of Chunky Monkey doesn't mean you'll never be able to lose weight. Just take a deep breath, make your next meal healthy and balanced, and continue on. Try to look at the binge as a learning experience. Picking yourself up after a fall shows that you can overcome adversity - and you can feel proud of that.

17. Get rid of your "fat" clothes. Once you've lost the weight, get rid of your old wardrobe. Keeping these clothes gives you subconscious permission to gain the weight back. Bemoaning the loss of expensive items? Give them to a consignment store or a charitable organization and take the tax deduction.

18. Have a mini makeover. If you've hit a milestone, a small makeover, like a new hairstyle or a new article of clothing in your smaller size, can be more than just a reward. It can help you start visualizing the "new you" in the mirror, and keep you motivated.