Revealed! 20 Best Dieting Tips

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3. Shop with your eating plan in mind. The healthiest foods "live" around the supermarket's perimeters -- the produce section, meat and fish counter, and dairy department. Take brief forays into the center for staples like canned beans, healthy cereals or whole grain crackers, but for the most part, the outside is where you're most likely to find the good stuff.

4. If you're out and about, bring healthy snacks. Away from home, you could be tempted by unhealthy treats from convenience stores and vending machines. Try stashing bags of nuts, dried fruit or whole-grain cereal in your desk drawer or glove compartment, and yogurt, fresh fruit and hard-boiled eggs in your office refrigerator or lunch cooler.

5. Keep diet-friendly foods front and center. When you're hungry, you're more likely to eat the first thing you see, like the cookies on the counter instead of the veggies in the fridge. If you live with people who must have their sweet or salty treats, stash their goodies out of sight.

6. Get support. While many people have had great success on their own, others need a little help. You don't necessarily have to join a weight-loss organization. Maybe a friend or family member wants to buddy up so you can slim down together. Or join a Web site like for free online support.