Beware! Condiments Could Be Making You FAT

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Regular mayonnaise is full of fat and contains large amounts of sugar and salt. Avoid adding mayonnaise to your sandwiches, salads and other foods; look for a fat-free or light version whenever possible.

A condiment that's loaded with sugar and extra salt, ketchup can be an addictive condiment that accompanies nearly every dish. However, you can find low-sugar versions of ketchup at the grocery store that will help you cut down those extra calories with ease.

Tartar sauce contains mayonnaise, pickled cucumbers, onions and capers, which means it contains a high level of unsaturated fat and sodium.

Many creamy salad dressings are made with calorie-laden mayonnaise, oil and sugar. Make sure you read the label of your favorite salad dressing to find out what it is made of and search for a low-fat or fat-free version instead. Alternatively, you can skip the dressing altogether and season your salad with lemon juice, olive oil or balsamic vinaigrette.