10 Diet-Friendly Ways to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

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When you're trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, cutting out dessert and sweets can be one of the biggest obstacles to your success. Eating low-sugar or low-fat desserts may not satisfy your fierce sweet tooth, and the result can be some very strong cravings for sugar and fattening desserts. Overindulging in these too often can result in weight gain and will sabotage your diet efforts.

How can you satisfy that sweet tooth without ruining your hard work? Here are just 10 diet-friendly ways to curb those sugar cravings and enjoy dessert without feeling deprived:

1. Eat fruit after dinner. Fruit is a natural and healthy source of sugar that can help cure those after-dinner dessert cravings. Make a habit of eating at least one serving of fresh fruit after dinner so that you're not reaching for rich desserts that can sabotage your healthy diet.