Why Exercise Variety Leads to Fitness Success

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by Shannon Beineke

There's a lot to be said for mixing up your workout. Varying your exercise routine benefits the body as well as the mind. It prevents boredom, lack of motivation, and weight plateaus. Those who have diverse workout routines are also more likely to stay on track. Nobody want to work hard, only to get bored and exhausted in return. It goes without saying that those individuals who don't change their workout are more likely to throw in the towel.

When a person is bored, time seems to pass in slow motion, which is not helpful during a workout session. Who wants to exercise for one hour knowing it's going to feel more like three? The moment enthusiasm is lost, people become prone to giving up on their workouts altogether. Good thing there's a simple way to stop that from happening. Variety is the trick to kicking boredom to the curb and staying motivated.

Exciting workout activities are the most likely to keep people coming back for more. Kick boxing, swimming, kayaking, dancing, hiking, biking, and playing tennis are all fun options. For even more spice, throw a partner into the mix. Workout buddies encourage one another to get movin'! They provide competition and help each other to pass time faster. Then again, a lazy workout buddy can drag another down, so exercisers should be selective in their choosing.

While trying new things can be exhilarating, workout adjustments don't have to be extreme. A person who typically runs outside can benefit from simply using a treadmill instead. Outdoor runners that slow down without realizing it will be forced to keep pace on the machine.