Hot Summer Workouts

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by Laura Leigh Fields

Warm weather is the perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy the splendor of the outdoors. Better still you can run, jump, and play like you did when you were a child. There are many summer activities that are not only fun, but also creative ways to get that much-needed exercise in.

There are a variety of events that you can get involved in that will tone your body and just make you feel better. You can get your blood pumping and your body moving by participating in one of these hot summer workouts -- or discover one on your own. The beauty of it is that although you'll get a workout, there really is little work involved.

Enjoy the water!

A classic summer tradition is one that involves cooling off in a pool. There are numerous water sports that you can participate in and enjoy this summer. Go for a swim, take out a canoe or paddleboat, ride a wave runner, or learn how to water-ski. Any of these activities will help give your body the exercise it needs.

Have some fun on wheels.

Strengthen those legs by getting on something with wheels. Strap on some roller-blades or skates, hop on a skateboard or take a ride on your bicycle. You can enjoy the scenery and keep your body moving at the same time.