Exercises for Great Posture

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The best piece of gym equipment to use for increasing core stability, and particularly for improving sitting posture, is the exercise ball, or Swiss ball. Exercising with a gym ball can be simple and fun for people of all ages and at any fitness level. It will work core muscles and improve balance, resulting in better posture.

Yoga exercise often involves movements which can make a big difference to posture, by strengthening core muscles in the abdomen and in the lower back around the spine. Some Yoga exercises effectively stretch the spine, taking pressure off the vertebrae, and reduce tension in the neck or shoulders, resulting in better body posture.

A simple meditation practice can work well for anyone who struggles to stand up straight. This involves sitting down and aligning the body by imagining a line anchoring you from the base of the spine and running straight down to the center of the earth. Imagine this same line rises upwards through the body, along the spine, rising up into infinity.

It is not necessary to sit bolt upright to do this, the thought process itself is enough to makes the spine align and straighten. After using this technique, it is easier to maintain good posture when walking or sitting.