Autumn Workouts

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Fall is also one of the best times besides spring to go backpacking, hiking and walking through the woods. You can see American bald eagles flying overhead, and watch the hawks hunt for their noontime meal. You will be certain to work up a major sweat and a major appetite as well, due to all the strenuous exercise and all the fresh air. Mountain climbing is best during the fall months also due to the almost-perfect weather conditions.

For people sticking closer to home, make it a morning or evening routine of walking to become your daily workout session. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a set of hand weights to challenge yourself and get your upper body in shape as well as your lower body. Walk with a purpose and you will practically feel those pounds melting away, ensuring a slim you for the upcoming holiday season.

Another challenging, fun way to get into shape during the fall is to walk very fast on the beach. You will feel the difference of walking on a beach to walking on a path right away. You have to work harder to get through the sand. Lifeguards at many public beaches must train every day by running on the beach before it opens. That's one of the reasons why lifeguards are in such great shape!