Step-by-Step Way to Shed Pounds
Today's Diet & Fitness Tip
Get ready to take the long way home. When you're walking somewhere, it's only natural to want to take shortcuts. However, it's those added steps that will total up to more calories burned. Instead of hurrying to your destination, take some... Read More
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3 Effective Steps Towards Healthy Self-Confidence
By Abhishek Agarwal One of the most important factors in living a healthy life is having a healthy self confidence. Many a time we...
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Passionate Sex: How to Overcome Boredom in the Bedroom
By Richard Nicastro, Ph.D. Q: I love my husband, but somewhere along the line we've become more like friends than lovers. We had an...
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10 Steps to Better Efficiency in Your Day to Day Life
By Alexander Tretjakov I was talking to someone recently and the topic of our conversation ended up about how efficient we are in our...
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