Enjoy the Great Outdoors
Today's Diet & Fitness Tip
Stop being lazy. Instead of paying someone else to do your spring cleaning, get busy. Shovel snow. Rake leaves. Cut the grass. Cleaning up the yard is a great way to get active. Not only are you getting the job done, you're also burning... Read More
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Weight Gain Factors That Go Beyond Poor Diet and Lack of Exercise
By Janet Martin Some people complain that no amount of exercising or dieting can help them lose their weight. It seems that even if...
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Seven Ways in Which Too Much Unrelenting Stress Can Kill You
By Elisabeth Kuhn Maybe this sounds a little overdramatic, but unfortunately the reality is that excessive, untreated stress can...
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Treatment for Eating Disorders
By Peter Sams Many people worry about their weight, what they eat, and how they look. This is especially true for teenagers and young...
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