Slam-Dunk Unhealthy Munchies

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Take a little of the madness out of your March basketball parties by serving up some healthy party food. If you're having everyone over to watch the game, then there are lots of traditional game-time foods that you can lighten up -- your guests don't even have to know it's good for them! Grilled foods make great low-fat options. Try making grilled chicken sandwiches or skewering chicken tenderloins and serving with a variety of Asian-style dipping sauces. Try a hot dog bar - grill up a few packs of all-beef, light hot dogs and serve with whole-wheat buns. Add high-flavor, low-fat fixings like ketchup, mustard, onions, slaw, chili made with lean ground beef, pickles,'re only limited by your imagination. Try sides like pretzels and veggies with hummus instead of high-fat ranch and chips. Even notorious nachos and chicken wings can get a recipe tweak to make them less of a diet foul.