Save Money on Frozen Entrees

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There is no substitution for a fresh, well-balanced meal. That said, there are times when you can't always get what you want... or need. So when it comes to dieting on the run or looking for a ready-made balanced meal in a pinch, those handy dandy frozen entrees can save you a fortune in calories and cash. And did we also mention you're saving time? When shopping for frozen entrees, being vigilant will save you a bunch of cash. Most frozen entrees can cost between $3 to $5. Feasting on at least five a week can add up to almost $100 a month, which is hardly chump change. When perusing the frozen meals section, you'll first want to make sure you know what you're looking for. All frozen entrees are not created equal. When searching for healthy frozen entrees Kashi, Lean Cuisines, Smart Ones and Healthy Choices are all good choices when watching your waistline and your wallet.