Miraculous Meatless Options

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Vegetarianism has come a long way, baby. With more people going meatless - at least for some meals - the options for replacing meat have become tastier and more varied. White, flabby tofu isn't the only protein option for people who are looking to reduce or eliminate meat in their diet. Other tasty plant-based proteins can help reduce your grocery bill and your dependence on meat.

Lentils are a versatile, lean protein source that's rich in fiber. They only need to simmer in broth for about 15 minutes with the spices and veggies of your choice, then dinner's on the table! They can serve as a filler when you're using meat to make meatballs or burgers go further. Tempeh is a close relative to tofu - it's a fermented product made of soybeans that makes a great substitute for ground meat when crumbled. Check out the frozen food section of the grocery store for meat replacements that take the place of chicken nuggets, hot dogs, bacon, ribs and much more.