Make Easter a Peep Show

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Feeling guilty about enjoying a few marshmallow bunnies and chicks? Don't. Fill up Easter baskets with plenty of Peeps - the marshmallow-y confection that comes in bunny and chick varieties. Spring used to be the only time when the treats would hatch, but now you can find them during other holidays. They're now the bestselling, non-chocolate Easter confection! Chocolate Easter treats tend to pack lots of fat and calories, but not the humble Peep. Comprised basically of marshmallows and granulated sugar, Peeps are fat-free. However, just five Peeps will cost you 160 calories - including a whopping 36 grams of sugar per 5-Peep serving. But if Easter means candy to you, then Peeps, jellybeans and other fat-free sweets are the way to go. Pack some delicious, cancer-fighting antioxidants into baskets with good-quality dark chocolate. Look for at least 60 percent cocoa to reap the most benefits.