Every Little Bit Helps

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You may not think 100 calories makes much of a difference, but if you're dieting and trying to cut a few hundred a day from your meal plan, then 100 calories can add up. A few simple, painless solutions can help you make changes.

First, take a look at breakfast. Opt for the smallest bagel you can find instead of the giant roll we're accustomed to eating. Portion-wise, a bagel should be the size of a hockey puck. You'll save at least 99 calories when you start the day off smaller. Turkey bacon tastes great, so sub it for regular pork bacon, and you'll save 118 calories per serving. Instead of drinking orange juice, have a big glass of water and a whole medium orange. You'll benefit from the fiber and save 106 calories. Get baked when it comes to a potato-chip snack craving - you'll save 90 calories - and if you want to cut even more, then replace chips with twice the amount of pretzels to save an additional 94 calories. At lunch or dinner, grab a slice of veggie pizza without pepperoni, and save at least 100 calories. Slice off chicken skin and you'll forego cholesterol, fat and 102 calories.