Dieters: Say Freeze...

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Most people don't use their freezer enough. However, the freezer can be a dieter's best friend. If you're cooking for one, buy produce and meats in bulk and individually package your purchases by serving size. When you plan your menu for the week, you can defrost the pre-packaged staples. If you choose to make stews or soups, you can freeze the remainder. Some of the best snacks for dieters can be found in the freezer case at the grocery store. You can feel good about these quick, convenient and nutritious snacks, so stop cravings cold with a healthy treat. Fresh-frozen fruits and vegetables are a great way to get plenty of vitamins and minerals without all the sodium in most canned produce. Frozen fruit can satisfy a sweet craving for fresh, flavorful strawberries, mango or any other out-of-season food, even in the dead of winter.