Conquer Your Cravings! Here's How

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One of the biggest challenges faced by dieters is definitely cravings that strike at anytime, anywhere. Maybe you're watching television, sitting in front of the computer and even reading in bed. All of the sudden - WHAM! You're struck with the urge to run to the refrigerator. When your stomach starts churning for a Snickers bar, do you have a plan? Or do you simply cave in and suffer from a heavy dose of remorse for the remainder of the day? While these cravings could mean a dieter's demise, succeeding can be as simple as having a smart strategy to contend with cravings. The first step is to drink a big glass of water. Oftentimes, feeling thirsty is actually mistaken as hunger. Although your first impulse is to reach for a sweet treat, it's a big glass of water that will actually leave you feeling fulfilled. Here are some other ways to satisfy your urges. Indulge in smart snacks - think of those snack packs for 100 calories or less. Opt for the baked brands. If ice cream is your weakness, go for Skinny Cow ice cream treats that will set you back just a mere 80 calories.