Are You Fit to Climb the Corporate Ladder?

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The benefits of regular exercise on your body are undeniable, but did you know that breaking a sweat helps in the workplace, too? Researchers have found that office workers who incorporated exercise into their schedule were more tolerant of their own mistakes and more forgiving of colleagues, plus their work performance was consistently higher. They demonstrated better time management and improved mental sharpness.

Surprisingly, midday exercise sessions were most effective at enhancing mood and boosting productivity. Healthier, more productive employees benefit companies in many ways, so companies that provide fitness centers or pay for gym memberships may be more successful than those that don't. Workers who work out seem to enjoy better moods and greater concentration as well. Other ways to maximize your productivity include eating breakfast. Trying to ignore a rumbling tummy in a meeting is tough, so fill it with fiber and protein in the morning. A little coffee goes a long way when it comes to waking you up and improving your concentration and mood, so indulge in that morning cup. Just don't overdo it - too much caffeine can make you irritable.