5 Reasons Why You Need to Forget Your Ex Before Starting a New Relationship

Interpersonal relationships play a very crucial part in our lives; it is something that determines our personality. Any relationship in our lives has to be dealt with lots of love and patience whether it's the first one or the ninth one, each of them needs to be nurtured with utmost affection in order to have a successful relationship. As you grow you meet new people, to some whom you take an immediate liking and you form a bond of friendship and with some you fall in love with.{relatedarticles}

Love is a very complex feeling to deal with, as simple as it may seem. If you have gone through a bad phase with someone whom you love and have to break the relationship it is important to do in a very subtle manner. But as human's you fear the phase of being lonely and you want to give ourselves another chance, so you look for another relationship. However before you move from one relationship to another it is very important that you forget your ex.

1) A Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body

Not being able to forget an ex will shut down your mental peace. You are going to be living in the past and not giving yourself a chance to have a good future. It is important to understand that the relationship is over and its time for you to move on.

2) Injustice to Yourself

If you've had a bitter break up or a painful one, your chances of getting into another relationship get scarce. You will be apprehensive of meeting new people and getting into another relationship. Life is full of highs and lows and you need to deal with a break up as a low phase and be ready to give yourself a chance to experience highs again.{relatedarticles}

3) Concentrate Hard

Your concentration to whatever task that you do is hindered when your mind is not well. By harboring old feelings and negativity in your mind, you will be not only harming yourself but may jeopardize your career and other aspects in life also. Life still has more to offer and you need to be ready to see the brighter side of life, the sooner you do it, it would reap results.

4) Don't Jump the Gun

It is important that when you get into another relationship you're mentally and physically ready. It makes no sense getting into one and then pondering over your past. It will not only anger the other person but also make them feel insulted. If you've had a break up its no reason to not give the other person their due amount of love and affection.{relatedarticles}

5) Comparisons with Your Ex

If you're lost in thoughts of your ex, the chances of you comparing your partner with your ex would increase. Each person is different and their ways of reacting to a situation are different, if you aren't over your ex you may unknowingly start talking about the way your ex dealt with the situation. This would mean hurting your partner and also disrespecting her. So it's not a good idea to meet anyone until you've got your ex out of your mind.

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