The Hollywood Trainer

ImageA lot can happen in 21 days. Just ask trainer-to-the-stars Jeanette Jenkins, who swears that within three weeks you can alter your life, lose weight and get on the fast-track to a healthier, happier you. With eight workout videos under her belt and her My Workout seen on Lifetime television, Jeanette's new book is an evolution of the program that's worked to transform tens of thousands of people.

Unlike many programs, The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan is a holistic approach that focuses not just on the diet and fitness aspects of getting in tip-top shape, but the spiritual components that are also necessary to get yourself in a better place, both physically and mentally.

ImageDesigned with the busy woman in mind, Jeanette maintains you don't have to be a star to look like one. Whether you're a frantic professional who's always on the go or a stay-at-home-mom who's short on time and low on energy, The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan can transform your life and give you a much-needed lift. Used by clients such as Queen Latifah, Kimora Lee Simmons, Christina Applegate and Carmen Electra, the Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan is ideal for even the non-celebrity.

In order to help readers overhaul their physical image, Jeanette created a 7-point plan to successfully complete the 21-day program, shed their extra fat and keep it off for good. Her principles for a properly-executed plan include...

1.Accept change. Be open minded to doing things differently and getting new results. Take responsibility for your present condition and understand you're not a victim of your past. This will enable you to shape your future.

2.Make the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection. Too often Jeanette has clients who rush through life. They're not thinking mindfully when it's time to eat or focused on what they have to do next. They have the "get in where you fit in" mentality. With the mind-body-spirit connection, people learn to be mindful when it comes to their health. It's not just about eating healthy and working out. It's also about having a positive mindset and perspective on life.

3.You Have To Move It To Lose It. Find ways to incorporate physical activity into your life. Wake up 30 minutes earlier to do some cardio. Make small changes and structure them to make working out fun.

4.You Are What You Eat. Eating healthy doesn't have to be bland. There are 87 recipes with The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan. Make the right choices and educate yourself about the nutrients in whole foods that benefit the body.

5.Educate Yourself. With Jeanette's program, there is a fitness and nutrition tip every day. It's not just important to engage in healthy behaviors, but to realize why you're doing them in order to stay motivated. Once people discover the benefits of their actions, they'll be more inclined to take the proper steps to get healthy.

6.Commit and Be Consistent. You have to stay committed to the course. Even if you mess up one day, you'll still get through it. You have to get back on track and remain dedicated. It's okay to have a bad day, but don't give up. Come back to the plan.

7.Create A Supportive Environment. Get all of the toxins out of your environment. If you're around people who constantly put you down, stop fighting against them and find a way not to give them as much of your time. Surround yourself with people who lift you up. You don't want to be constantly fighting negative people.

In The Hollywood Trainer Weight Loss Plan, diet, fitness and motivation are all components in the 21-day program. Instead of combining each element into one section, it's divided into days, which means you can get started without having to read the whole book. Instead of dredging through the nutrition and exercise information, just get with the plan. Follow day 1 and when you have more time you can go back and read the corresponding information.

ImageIf you're looking for a weight-loss program that you can follow with ease, The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan is cake. Each day offers Today's Affirmation, Today's Food and Today's Workout. Within each chapter there are tips to help you integrate Jeanette's seven steps for success into your every day life.

With recipes like Honey-Mustard Lamb Chops, Cinnamon Berry French Toast, Asian Chicken Stir-Fry and Smoked Salmon With A "Schmear," you'll consume a high-fiber diet based in whole, unprocessed foods. The meal plan is chock full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains so that followers get their supply of essential nutrients.

While the book includes detailed strength-training exercises complete with images, The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan is accompanied by a DVD which has four workouts led by Jeanette- Chest, Tri's and Booty; Back, Bi's and Thighs; Core and Flexibility. If you're one of those people who need step-by-step guidance when working out, you'll have it with The Hollywood Trainer Weight Loss Plan DVD.