Do Express Workouts Work?

With a seemingly never-ending to-do list and a daily time crunch, squeezing in a workout can seem like an impossible feat. Many people simply give up on the idea of working out regularly when their schedule's full, but the latest fitness craze involves adding a quick workout to your lunch hour or midday routine.


Fitness centers like Curves and other "fast-fitness" destinations promise to give you a total body workout in less than an hour. Thirty-minute circuit training and fast-track fitness routines are making it easier for people to maintain a fitness schedule and exercise program. But do these express workouts really work?

If you're the type of person that wants to maintain a steady workout schedule and commit to an exercise plan, an express workout may be a good fit for you. However, if you're interested in losing weight and really transforming your body, you won't get many results from a quick 30-minute routine.

In order to make a significant difference and lose weight or increase muscle mass, you'll need to maintain a steady schedule of cardio and weight training throughout the week for at least 45 to 75 minute sessions each.
Consider these benefits and drawbacks of express workouts:

Benefits of Express Workouts

Express workouts available at Curves fitness centers and other workout stations can help you keep up with your commitment to a healthier lifestyle by incorporating basic exercises into your weekly routine. You'll find simple cardio and weight training exercises here, routines designed to elevate your heart rate and get your circulation going. Express workouts can:


  • Give you a break from a hectic day
  • Allow you to focus on fitness in the middle of your usual routine
  • Give you chance to socialize with other exercise enthusiasts
  • Give your core muscle groups a quick workout
  • Increase your metabolism for a short period of time

Drawbacks of Fast Track Fitness Routines

While express workouts do offer several benefits, they also have some drawbacks. Some of the downsides of fast-track fitness routines include:

  • Limited set of exercises; many may not be challenging enough for your fitness level
  • Little time to gauge how hard you're actually working
  • Not enough time for repetitions for weight training that will actually get results{relatedarticles}
  • Little or no stretch and recovery time available
  • Not intensive enough to create a dramatic difference to your body

The Truth About Quick-Fix Fitness Routines

Workout centers such as Curves and other speedy workout fitness centers can help you get started on the path to fitness but won't necessarily help you lose pounds or increase your fitness level. Most of the exercises and workouts at these centers are designed for beginners and may not be suitable for your level of fitness or experience. If you're just getting started with a fitness routine or making a commitment to get healthy for the first time in your life, an express workout may offer motivation and support to get through the beginner's phase with ease.