Choosing Flattering Fitness Wear

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Choosing Flattering Patterns for Exercise Clothes

  • Don't wear the same patterns on the top and bottom - Whileit's OK to double up on color, if you wear the same pattern on top and bottom, you risk looking like upholstery or a clown, which is certainly not the chic fitness look you're striving for. For patterns in general it is best to stick to one patterned piece per outfit, so if you have a great patterned tank, combine it with a solid bottom piece.
  • Stripes - Vertical stripes can be a girl's best friend, and help create a long, lean line that is flattering to the body. To avoid looking like you're in a pin-stripe suit, pick something that has one, solid, bold line going down the side, like yoga pants or a fitted tank top. The old adage rings true about horizontal stripes, as they can tend to make you look wider than you actually are.

These are just some of the colors and patterns that you can use to help you choose a flattering work-out outfit that exudes style and confidence.

If you go to the gym often, you don't want to have to scramble to find something clean (and cute) to wear every time you head out the door. Be sure you have a variety of shirts, tank tops, pants and shorts that all go together. This will ensure that you are always at the forefront of fitness fashion.

Simplicity is key to finding flattering fitness wear that is comfortable, practical and will make you happy to get dressed to go to the gym. Find 3 or 4 tops in simple colors -- think black, gray, dark blue, deep purple and other dark colors -- that are slimming and also go with a variety of other shades.