What You Need to Know Before Hitting the Makeup Counter

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Whether it's the offer of a "free makeover" or "gift with purchase," those department store cosmetics counters look, smell and seem to want to make you feel good. But should you rely on those pricey products to improve your looks? Or rely on the salespeople to give you reliable information about the products? The consensus for the most part is probably not. We all know it's not a good idea to sample the testers directly on our faces - but some people do it anyway. And many times, that "free makeover" is also depositing free germs onto your face from those very products, despite the salesperson probably using a clean brush. Most counters clean reusable brushes between customers, but some don't. And you get that makeover, you may absorb some beauty know-how from the salesperson helping you. However, as clinical and expert the advice may sound, it's possible the salesperson could be making it all up! Training varies wildly among the high-end cosmetics companies, from continuing education about new products, techniques, etc. to the most basic product information.