Mineral Makeup

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If you're using a pressed mineral foundation, use a makeup sponge to apply to your face.

Mineral Makeup and Color

When shopping for mineral makeup, don't forget that it will often look lighter in the container than traditional makeup. Mineral makeup reaches its true color once it's been on your skin for 15 minutes so give it time to set, then take a look at the deep colors that appear before your eyes.

Mineral Makeup Brands

And now for the fun stuff! While many makeup companies now carry several mineral makeup products, some specialize in only the good stuff.

Jane Iredale

This brand, started in 1994, carries an entire product line from mineral foundations and concealers to mascara, lip, even eyebrow color. You can choose from one of the brand's many natural hair brushes designed for just about any purpose, from camouflaging to defining angles, contouring the eyes, smudging and more.

Check out the: PureLash Mascara - this is made for women who previously may have been unable to wear mascara because of eye sensitivity. This version has no petroleum or shellac products but has algae extract, wax and a variety of plant and mineral extracts like sweet almond seed.

Check out the: Cream to Powder Eyeliner - this eyeliner goes on as a cream and dries in powder form to provide deep color all day. Mix and match the 3 colors in your palette for customized shades. The blacks and browns can dub as brow color too!