Choosing Flattering Fitness Wear

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What Colors Are Best For Work-Out Clothes?

  • Black - Long known to be the most slimming of all colors, you really can't go wrong by getting an all-black work-out ensemble. You'll look stylish and slim, from head to toe.
  • Bright colors - Use bright colors judiciously as they will draw attention to whatever part of your body they're on. If you're insecure about your butt, don't go with the bright orange yoga pants, for instance. At the same time, it's fun to inject some color into your work-out wardrobe, such as a bright stripe down the leg of your shorts, or neon purple shoelaces in your running shoes.
  • Light colors - White or pale colors should be avoided when choosing flattering work-out clothes, as they do nothing to hide figure flaws and may instead draw attention to any problem areas.

Choosing Flattering Patterns for Exercise Clothes

  • Don't wear the same patterns on the top and bottom - While it's OK to double up on color, if you wear the same pattern on top and bottom, you risk looking like upholstery or a clown, which is certainly not the chic fitness look you're striving for. For patterns in general it is best to stick to one patterned piece per outfit, so if you have a great patterned tank, combine it with a solid bottom piece.
  • Stripes - Vertical stripes can be a girl's best friend, and help create a long, lean line that is flattering to the body. To avoid looking like you're in a pin-stripe suit, pick something that has one, solid, bold line going down the side, like yoga pants or a fitted tank top. The old adage rings true about horizontal stripes, as they can tend to make you look wider than you actually are.

These are just some of the colors and patterns that you can use to help you choose a flattering work-out outfit that exudes style and confidence.