Beauty Travel Essentials

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Adding medicated lip balm, such as Carmex, can help your lips go the distance. A pretty manicure can give you a polished look, but when traveling, steer clear of bright colors, which make travel-induced chips more noticeable. Light beige, pink and other neutrals are your best bet. Look for waterproof cosmetics bags to store your cosmetics and toiletries, and only bring the must-haves in your carry-on bag. A Ziploc bag is an easy, economical way to keep your toiletries from leaking onto your clothes as well. Look for travel kits that include your favorite products as an easy way to bring along all your usual necessities. Large bottles can be cumbersome, messy and take up valuable suitcase space. Include little luxuries, such as candle tins in your favorite scents, or small bottles of bubble bath.