Beauty Travel Essentials

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With limits on what you can and can't put in your carry-on bag, plus weight limits on your checked baggage, it's tough to pack all the cosmetics and toiletries that you need on a trip. Plus, the environment of an airplane is not kind to many women's complexions. You may have traveled luxuriously, but with the dry air in the cabin, it may look like your face rode coach! Start your beauty regimen before you take off by drinking plenty of water in the days leading up to your trip. And on the day you leave, slather on plenty of moisturizer. It's always smart to use products that can do double duty, so investing in a tinted moisturizer or richer foundation than the one you usually use can keep your face from drying out in flight. A small bottle of saline eye drops can be stashed in your carry-on to keep eyes from getting itchy and red. Plenty of oil-absorbing powder, plus stashing oil-absorbing paper, can help your face look smooth and matte for the duration of your trip.