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This fresh, cool libation will brighten any hot summer day with tangy and sweet flavors. It's a healthful and thirst-quenching alternative to sugary soda.

Don't feel bad about serving the kids high-fat chicken nuggets anymore. This recipe is a perfect compromise for everyone and will save you a trip to the drive-thru!

The only thing surprising about this salad is how many times you'll want to serve it! A little bit sweet, a little bit salty – this mix has it all and is super easy to prepare.


Need an easy dessert for guests? You'll go nuts for these chewy, sweet treats that are unbelievably simple to prepare.

Lunch is all wrapped up with this high-protein, tangy and delicious twist on the same old tuna fish sandwich. Wrap it up, bag it up and enjoy your lunch hour!

Pump up the nutrition in the usual high-fat white pizza with this delicious version that bakes up hot, cheesy and delicious.

Make a hot, satisfying stew with this low-maintenance, slow-cooked delicacy. It's spicy and ready to serve up when you come in from the cold.


Shake up your usual cocktail offerings with this very cosmopolitan cosmo. It's chock-full of healthy antioxidants, thanks to the pomegranate juice!

This recipe is perfect for satisfying those voracious pizza cravings. It makes a super lunch or quick dinner and is much healthier than delivery. Get creative with your favorite veggie toppings for variety.

This fresh appetizer will beat store-bought hummus every time without a lot of effort. Try it served with vegetables and pita triangles.

Don't panic next time the kids come in from school demanding a snack. A handful of this munchable, crunchable snack is tasty, satisfying and nutritious.

Use whatever fruit you have on hand to blend up a fabulous breakfast treat or dessert. Kids and adults alike will love this creamy, dreamy smoothie.

It looks like goulash, but it tastes like lasagna... without all of the guilt. This healthy meat and noodle medley is sure to satisfy without putting a dent in your diet efforts.

This Southern classic doesn't need any TLC to get that slow-cooked, smoky flavor. Just throw the ingredients in the crockpot and enjoy a super supper!

You'll be tickled pink about the nutrition packed into this great recipe, but your taste buds will reap all the tasty benefits! Try it for breakfast or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Craving a real deli-style bagel sandwich? Crispy veggies and tangy mustard make this meal a real treat that you won't have to feel bad about eating.


Need a hearty homemade meal on the double? Mix up this amazing one-dish casserole that's sure to please even the pickiest eaters. It's hearty, healthful and on the table in a hurry.

Need a quick dessert? Look no further than a ready-made fruit salad from the grocery store tossed with this fast, fabulous dressing.

This easy crowd-pleaser provides a quick, satisfying one-dish meal. Give it a veggie boost by adding a fresh green salad if you like.

Using fresh ingredients makes all the difference in this versatile salsa. Try it with baked chips, on fish or anywhere you like to use salsa. You may never go back to bottled again!