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With its colorful presentation and high veggie count, this dish is a hit at potlucks and picnics alike. Customize the flavor by experimenting with different dressings to find your favorite taste!

This healthful and tasty salad is picnic-perfect and makes a fabulous summer meal served with fresh bread and a salad.

Listen to our tale... as in lobster tale. This shell of a dish combines a variety of great tastes to forge one mouthwatering meal. Dive into its goodness today.

The title of the pasta does not lie. Simply tasty. Full of garlic, basil and more, this is surely a genuine Italian dish! So good you'll wish you made more.

Don't think fruit and tuna mix? Well try this. This salad features crisp apple slices and flavorful mandarin oranges. You'll be greatly surprised!

Want to feel right at home while eating your salad? Try this one, a sweet and creamy pasta salad dish with olives and celery! Tastes great right from home.

Get silly for fusilli! This pasta salad is perfect for a potluck. Quick and easy to make, the fusilli pasta will fulfill your dining delights.


Orzo isn't just good, it is outstanding! “Orzo” means barley, but is also used to name the rice-shaped pasta. Try this unique concoction today.

Try colors, as in the tri-colors pasta salad. Filled with plenty of... everything, this recipe will become a staple on your menu.

Who doesn't like a good pasta? If you don’t like penne, try it with your favorite pasta and add some capers for garnish. You won't be disappointed.

Feel free to add some chopped red bell pepper for color and make sure to let the dressing sit in the refrigerator to blend all the flavors.

Talk about a great twist of feta. This Greek-inspired salad is loaded with orzo, feta, cucumbers and a host of other mouthwatering ingredients that are a taste of heaven. Serve it anytime, anyplace.

Orzo pasta lends itself to amazing salad dishes especially enjoyable in hot summer evenings. So yes you can-taloupe with this dynamic shrimp and orzo pasta that's ideal any time of the year.


Popeye would fall in love with this spinach and orzo salad. It's an easy make for even the most novice cook. Give it a try!

Dried tomatoes add flavor and vitality to this simple yet delicious pasta salad recipe. It's perfect for picnic gatherings, and great served warm or cold.


This isn't the same old pasta salad. In fact, it's got great Greek inspiration. Made from orzo pasta, fresh vegetables put a hot twist on a cold dish.

This cold tortellini salad with artichokes and tomatoes makes a perfect vegetarian meal.

There's salad of the lettuce and tomato variation and then there's palate-pleasing pasta offering. Prepared with bacon, broccoli, sunflower seeds and red onions, the tortellini-based dish is the perfect dish for just about any occasion no matter how big or small.

This make-ahead rigatoni salad is rich and colorful and perfect for a BBQ. The pine nuts and the black olives add that special touch. Serve it with hot grilled ribs!


Here's one salad you won't pasta on. Prepared with pasta, almonds and a host of other ingredients, it's a welcome change from those same old sides. So when you're in search of a salad substitute, use your noodle and give this dish a try.

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