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Let your kids enjoy the party with this special punch that works well with Mexican meals, grilled food or just about any gathering. The children will think they've hit the big time when they sip on these virgin margaritas that are sure to satisfy the party animal in your little one.

This punch is excellent and can be doubled easily. Perfect for those special occasions.

For those individuals who can't have gluten, this is the best thing since sliced bread. It's chock full of rice and everything nice.

This is a delicious sugar-free alternative for a hot drinks, and it rocks!


You think you've bean there, done that, but you really haven't until you've tried this succulent salad. Infused with a blend of beans and veggies, the tangy dressing drives home the great taste and makes it a welcome change from the usual salads.

There's nothing fishy about this tangy tartar sauce that's the perfect compliment to any seafood meal. Unlike store-bought brands, our homemade version is prepared with tasty low-fat ingredients that are make sure to make your meal shine.


A very delicious soup, this palatable potage has a wonderfully fresh flavor and is a great way to get your daily servings of nutritious vegetables. Go green tonight! 

This is a smooth frosting intended to dress up desserts without adding fat, try it!

Not much to add: this is a fresh and healthy salad, excellent for every occasion.