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Need an easy dessert for guests? You'll go nuts for these chewy, sweet treats that are unbelievably simple to prepare.

Something great for those early morning meals. You've gotta try baked bread cubes coated with the smooth cream of eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla, and nutmeg served with a sauce of strawberries, blueberries, lemon juice, and grated lemon peel.

Chocolate lovers -- you'll go nuts over these tempting tarts that are loaded with peanut butter. If you're looking for a sweet treat that's sure to satisfy your hankering for something divine, let your cups runneth over with these Reese's-infused goodies.


Making a delicious desert doesn't have to be the pits, especially when you prepare this cobbler. You decide which fruit you'd prefer to use in this sweet treat. Apple? Peach? Cherry? Take your pick. You won't be disappointed.

Are you looking to earn brownie points with your loved ones? Then prepare this delicious dessert. Chewy and gooey, this recipe is sure to become one of your family's favorites. It's hip to be square.

These cookies will require almost no chewing at all, as they melt in your mouth. When they are done, store them in a container with a lid and separate each layer with wax paper. Enjoy shortbread cookies that will long be remembered.

Easy and quick to prepare, you can add 2 cups of peanut butter chips and chocolate chips for extra goodness.

You'll be sweet on these chocolatey pretzels. When you're looking for an after-school activity, make a batch of these pretzels that won't leave your stomach in knots.

Sweet potatoes and brownies make for strange bedfellows, except when they're combined in this decadent dessert. It's sure to get you inducted into the clean plate club.

Want to make your own pizza? You'll be on a roll with this heart-healthy dough. Cover it with your favorite ingredients for a mouth-watering meal. You can also use the dough for calzones, strombolis or any other offering of your choice.

What do you dunk in your coffee? If your answer is nothing, that will all change once you give these baked glazed donuts a try.

The holidays just wouldn't be right without Fruit Cake. This recipe stands out from all the rest out there. It's so good your friends and family will ask you to make it every year!