Reunite With Your Lost Child

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It's that time of year when school is out, and kids are out and about with their parents. Whether it's the mall, the pool, museums, zoos or other public place, it's possible that you and your child could be separated. It's so easy for a child to get lost with all the fun distractions of public places - either she lingers at an exhibit while the rest of the family moves on, or she's there one second and blending into the crowd the next.

Having a plan and teaching your child what to do when she gets separated from you in public can reduce panic - hers and yours. Help your kids find you faster by doing what the experts recommend. First, teach your child from a very early age what your name - your real name - is. In a sea of mommies, the cry of "Mommy!" doesn't get much attention. However, when your child calls you by first and last name, then there's no case of mistaken identity.