No Spit! Getting Kids to Take Their Meds

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Is medicine time a royal pain for you? Welcome to the club. Unfortunately, most of us aren't trained in the medical field. So dispensing meds -- whether it's pain reliever, cough syrup or even eye drops -- can become a real hassle. How many times has your little one left you back at the starting point after regurgitating the much-needed meds all over themselves and everything within spitting distance? If your answer is one too many, give these tried-and-true techniques a shot. Why not sweeten the pot by adding chocolate syrup to the medication? It's kid-tested and doctor-approved. Another good idea is to refrigerate any prescription meds as cold can kill the offensive tastes. Many pharmacies also offer flavored meds in cherry, grape, bubble gum and other flavors. When getting a prescription filled, ask the pharmacist what your options are. Some major drugstores also carry a product called FlavoRx, which is used on medicines that are not over the counter. If you have a difficult time getting your child to take syrups, try and get chewable or dissolvable pills. Explain to your child that in order to feel better, he needs to take the medicine.