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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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How to Handle Family-Unfriendly Coworkers

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Whether you're pregnant, on maternity leave or have returned to the office after the birth of a child, you may run into coworkers who aren't exactly excited to help support you in balancing parenting with work. But striking that work-life balance is important, primarily for you and your family, but also for your workplace. According to research from the Families and Work Institute, family-friendly work arrangements engender loyalty and longevity from employees who enjoy it. The earlier you speak to your supervisor about rearranging your schedule after the baby comes, the better. First, have a discussion with human resources to review the benefits your company currently offers for new moms, such as how much time off is paid vs. unpaid, how much time you can legally take off and what sort of schedule to expect when you return. Check into perks like nursing rooms, flex time and other convenient options. From there, work out a plan that benefits both you and your company, whether that includes a shortened workweek with telecommuting, telecommuting only or another option. The earlier you begin the discussion with your supervisor, the better.

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