Helping Your Kids with Math Homework

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You've got the reading and 'riting down - but what about that last R, 'rithmetic? Math has changed since those days when future moms completed worksheet after worksheet and worked out addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables - without the aid of a calculator. Math, thankfully, has become more hands-on and applicable to other subjects and disciplines. There's no more "When will I ever use this?" sort of rationality when it comes to math these days. It's a new approach called "reform math" or "inquiry-based math." The great thing about this way of teaching is that it is more interesting, more engaging and allows more reasoning. But if those numbers are still intimidating, then there are a few strategies you can try to make helping with math homework easier. Start by enlisting family members who may know more than you. Divide and conquer homework. If you're great at languages and social sciences, then you can help with those. Dad or someone else can tackle math and science. Give your kid a sense of solidarity by sitting down with your own "homework" in the form of e-mails, paying bills or balancing the checkbook as he does his.