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Monday, March 02, 2015

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Cash In: The Best Sweepstakes on the Web

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Winning is everything, especially when it comes to sweepstakes.

The Internet is peppered with promises of lucrative cash giveaways, but it's often hard to figure out which offers give you the most bang for your buck. The last thing you want to do is waste your time - and possibly your money - believing in contests that will never come to fruition.

Unless you are a veteran "sweeper" -- one who actively participates in sweepstakes -- there's a good chance you may have a difficult time differentiating between legitimate contests and scams. Sandra Grauschopf is an expert when it comes to online contests. She encourages anyone who's never tried his or her luck at winning a sweepstakes to give it a shot. "Sweepstakes are popular to enter because they truly give us the chance to get something for (almost) nothing. Not only can we win prizes, but we have a lot of fun doing it." A columnist for About.com, Grauschopf knows better than anyone that persistence pays off. She explains: "The most important piece of advice I have is to be patient and persistent. Try to enter some sweepstakes every day, and don't give up. Winning a big prize can take quite some time."

Now that you have Grasuchopf's top tips for identifying the best sweepstakes on the Web, why not check out this sweepstakes that could fatten your wallet? Let the winning begin...

1. $10,000 Grand Prize/Weekly Giveaways -- It's game on with MyDailyMoment's mega giveaway. Winning couldn't be easier. Simply sign up for MyDailyMoment's FREE recipe newsletter. In addition to getting mouthwatering meal ideas, you'll also be registered for weekly prizes, as well as the grand prize of $10,000. What could be more enticing? Between the recipe newsletter and the cash prize, MyDailyMoment's sweepstakes truly is a win-win situation. Click to enter now!

Barbara S. of Stone Mountain, Georgia counts herself among the lucky winners who have cashed in on MyDailyMoment's weekly giveaways. Barbara admits that she frequently enters sweepstakes if they are sponsored by a repuatable company. Long before submitting her entry to MyDailyMoment, she scored a trip to Aruba from a contest being held by a local grocery store. This promted her to try her luck time and time again. Her advice to readers? "You can't win if you don't enter. Someone has to win -- it might as well be you." As for what she did with her $25 Visa gift card, Barbara says she used it to pick up some everyday items at a local drug store.  

Stphen L. of White Stone, Viriginia is another participant who walked away with a $25 gift card. He too admits to frequently giving sweepstakes a shot, if they look legitimate. As luck would have it, it was Stephen's first time winning anything. 

He says: "I was very excited. Even though it was a small sun, I never win anything. Most contests are too good to be true, but some are indeed feasible."

Stephan spent his MyDailyMoment.com prize on a new outfit for his soon-to-be daughter. 

Now that you know which sweepstakes is your best bets, what are you waiting for? The only difference between winners and losers is that winners do things that losers don't...like entering these sweepstakes.  

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