Potty Mouths: How to Punish
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There's nothing worse than having a young child who curses like a sailor. While it's great your child is learning the art of verbal communication, there's nothing proper about a potty mouth. In most cases, we have nobody but ourselves to... Read More
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Sushi & Kids: What You Should Know
Sushi can be a super fun meal for the whole family - kids included! Rolls are fun to make and eat and most of the ingredients are healthy too. You don't have to limit your idea of sushi to raw fish,...
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Do You Look Overtired?
Mothers of small children are some of the least-rested groups of people around. If you don't have time to sleep you probably don't have time to run to the spa and get a professional facial or wrap,...
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Hidden Sugars: Where to Look
Do you know how much sugar you consume daily? Obviously, there are candies and baked goods, alcohol and sodas. But do you know the other names that sugar goes by? Listed below are a few of the more...
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