The Newest Healthy Snacks to Go
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When you're on the go and can't stop to eat, what can you do to quiet those growling stomachs without having to drive through and pick up unhealthy food? Pack snack bags with good-for-you grub that will allow you to finish what you need to do... Read More
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The Balancing Act
"The average office worker receives more than 200 messages a day via snail mail, email, express mail, cell phone, landline, wireless Web, bicycle messenger, singing telegram, you name it. Taking in...
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Are You Addicted to Your Children?
Is it possible to be using our children addictively? Anything that we use to get love, avoid pain, and fill up inner emptiness can become an addiction - even our children! If your children are your...
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iParenting: There's an App for That!
It used to be that parents were skeptical when it came to their kids using cell phones. The technology seemed too grown up for kids and teens, and the possibilities of them having instant secret...
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