Vacation Safety Tips - Traveling Safely With Your Children

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Tip #3 -- Food and Water

Food and water related illnesses are common when traveling. Before leaving home, talk to your children about being careful when it comes to eating and drinking. Instruct them to only drink bottled water and not to eat anything without asking you first.

Also instruct your children to wash their hands frequently while traveling especially before eating.

Remember to use bottled water when it comes time to brush teeth. Even though your children don't drink the water while brushing, if the water is contaminated, it will still get into your child's system.

Be wary of seafood, undercooked meats, fresh, raw fruits and vegetables and unpasteurized dairy products. All of these have to potential to carry bacteria that is fine for the people living in that area, but that your child's digestive system can't handle.

Tip #4 -- Vaccinations

Before leaving on your trip, make sure your children's vaccinations are up to date. You never know what you may come in contact with or when your child will step on a rusty nail. Be prepared and make sure they are protected by the proper vaccinations.

By being prepared and discussing these safety issues with your children, you can be sure you family will not only have a great vacation, but a safe one. Be sure to remember some of these vacation safety tips ;)

Source: Health Guidance

Jacob Mabille is one of the administrators and publishers of Health Guidance.