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Secrets To A Club-Worthy Striptease

If you and your partner are getting a little bored in the bedroom, you can learn a lot from strip clubs. But don't turn your nose up - after all, there has to be a reason they're so popular, right? Here are some tips on how to give a home striptease worthy of the club. Best of all, if you get down and dirty after the tease it'll be, you know, legal.

For Women

The most important thing to remember about a home striptease is that you are catering to a very specific audience: your man. This gives you a distinct advantage over your average club stripper. Before you even get started, you already know if your man is a boob guy or a butt guy. This inside information will help you choose a sexy ensemble that is right for your home striptease. Most of your routine is focused on the slow, sexy dance that reveals your curves.


When it comes to choosing an eye-popping outfit, it doesn't matter whether you go for the innocent school girl look, a sexy maid, or a latex-suit-wearing dominatrix; just pick something that you know will turn him on. A garter belt that hugs your hips is always a hit, so always keep a pair of thigh highs on hand.

There's a lot to be said for the element of surpise. Don't let your guy in on your dirty little secret until you make your debut. Just be sure to choose a number that is sure to resonate with him. Be sure to go for his soft spots.

Once you choose a sexy ensemble, it's time to practice the actual moves that will drive him wild. This, again, comes back to what your partner likes. If you know he'll go for the breast laid plans, then rock a push-up bra and keep your barely covered chest in his face while you roll your pelvis in a circle over his lap.

If you know for a fact that he stares at your derriere every time you exit a room, then practice a wiggle move that starts at your chest, moves through your hips and ends with a fluid backside bounce.

The delicate balance between trashy and classy is key to any home striptease. The idea is to rile him up and put you in control. Done well, your striptease will probably segue into sex, but the tease part of this should include a lot of, well, teasing. Choosing a sexy ensemble and getting into the groove are just half the battle. Think about how you can build him up until you are ready to break him down.


Paying attention to his body language or just asking outright what he wants goes a long way here. It's much easier to choose a sexy ensemble or practice dance moves for a home striptease when you know exactly what he likes.

For Men

Like wearing a pink shirt, stripping takes a real man who cares about what his girl likes. Why do we break out the pink button up on date night? Basically, if she loves it, we'll do it - both for brownie points, and because we actually really care, contrary to popular belief.

Nevertheless, the idea of doing our best impersonation of Magic Mike is enough to make even the bravest among us puke. The way we see it, there are two ways your average male home strip show can go without being terrible: funny or romantically sexy.

Unless you look like a movie star (or your girl seems to be under the impression that you do) or are actually a professional male stripper, you probably shouldn't go for the over-the-top sexy thing.


Most guys actually end up feeling pretty comfortable with the romantically sexy approach. The trick is to not make the whole affair seem staged or awkward. Let it be a natural part of foreplay. You've put some music on before going to town before, right? This is no different. Time is on your side so take plenty of it. Nothing turns a girl on more than romance, and if you want the hottest sex of your life, you've got to pay your dues and restrain yourself for a while.

Do the opposite of what you normally do -- wait it out. Instead of preparing to pounce, put on some music, undress slowly, move with the music (but don't hurt yourself), spend a lot of time touching and kissing her body, and then cap it off by nibbling her earlobe and whispering the most romantic thing you can come up with.

That's a romantic striptease. You can even retain your man card.

If you're a naturally funny guy and you and your partner seem to segue from laughing together to banging each other with ease, you might want to give a funny striptease a try.


And not just fun because it feels really good, but actually fun - like as much fun as anything you did when you were a kid. In fact, sex really is like a playground for adults, but many of us just don't know it.

If your relationship isn't there yet, don't try to force humor into the bedroom. But if you and your partner get how crazy sexy casual sex is, then give a pre-game show a shot. Download the worst club song you can find, dance like the uncoordinated man that you are, and make her laugh.

Women love a man who can make them laugh; it makes them feel confident about themselves for picking a guy who makes them feel so good. If you can make sex fun for her, she'll see you in a whole new light.
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8 Sex Toys Every Woman Should Own

Sex can be exciting with your new guy for a while, but then it starts to get boring. Same position, same location, same time. What can you do to spice things up? Add some sex toys to the mix. Sure, the thought of sex toys can make even the naughtiest girl blush, but they can help you achieve pleasure like you've never felt before.

If you're looking to improve your sex life and give it that boost it needs, try out these 8 sex toys that every woman should own.

The Vibrator

The most common sex toy, the vibrator, is one that every women wants in her pleasure chest. Sure, it's basic, but it's a good toy to start out with, especially if you're experimenting with sex toys for the first time. There are many types of vibrators, and they come in many sizes. When choosing a product, look for one that is fairly quiet and effective in stimulating the clitoris area.


You should also look at features such as the ability to adjust the intensity and speed. Many women hop all over The Rabbit vibrator because it creates sensation in the vagina as well as the clitoris. You can even buy a waterproof Rabbit, so it can be used anywhere you feel the urge.

The Couple's Vibrator

A couples' vibrator is a good choice if you have trouble experiencing orgasm during intercourse. A couple's vibrator is smaller than a regular vibrator and allows you just enough extra penetration to get the job done, so to speak. Its smaller size doesn't interfere with your partner's rhythm, and its vibrations may even enhance your partner's experience, guaranteeing a good time for both of you.

The G-Spot Wand

A G-spot wand is essential if you are looking for something like a vibrator but without the vibrating. A G-spot wand is made of heavy-duty stainless steel (used for hip replacements) and is curved for your added pleasure. It's perfect if you enjoy ample penetration. The NJOY Pure wand comes highly recommended on many websites. According to many users, the name says it all.


The Silver Bullet

If you are more into clitoral stimulation, a silver bullet may be just what you need. A silver bullet is an egg-shaped metal device that is basic and cheap but definitely hits the spot. You use it directly on your clitoris and can adjust the pressure by using the attached remote. Definitely a hands-down favorite for many women!

The Cock Ring

How about a toy for your man? Aptly called the Big O Vibrating Ring, this device can help both of you experience greater sexual pleasure. Placed on the base of the man's penis before it becomes erect, a cock ring allows blood to flow into the penis but not outward.

This vibrating ring helps the penis sustain a harder erection and stimulates the clitoris during intercourse. Most are made of rubber or steel. Keep in mind that a cock ring must be sized carefully, or they can result in a too-erect penis, which can be painful and embarrassing, requiring a trip to the doctor. However, for those who use this toy properly, it is a fun way to enhance any sexual relationship.

Anal Beads

For those looking to experiment with anal sex, start with anal beads. Made of silicone, the beads come in various sizes, so beginners as well as pros can experiment with them. Just add some lubrication, and they can be used for both men and women.



A little lubrication can definitely go a long way. Whether you're feeling dry as the desert down there or looking to experiment with anal sex, a lubricant is effective in increasing pleasure. Lubricant is a jelly used to replace or supplement a woman's vaginal lubrication.

In the past, oil-based lubricants were in demand. However, they created bacteria inside a woman's vagina. They also destroyed latex, making them impossible to use with condoms. Therefore, it is recommended to use water-based lubricants only. When used inside a condom, lubricants can make sensations even stronger for the man.

Interesting note: although most people use regular KY Jelly for sexual intercourse, KY Jelly is actually made for the medical environment and is not long-lasting. Therefore, you should choose another brand, one made specifically for sex, such as Astroglide or Aqualube.

The Blindfold

How about using something in the bedroom that's as simple and easily available as a blindfold? Probably not the kinkiest type of sex toy available, but a blindfold creates an element of surprise, which can be incredibly sexy. Imagine the excitement you will feel by not being able to see what your partner will do next. Blindfolds, especially silk ones, can make bedtime much more exciting and allow your imagination to run wild.


One of the hurdles you may face when using sex toys is that your partner may disapprove of them. He may feel embarrassed or upset that he cannot satisfy you fully. He may view sex toys as a replacement for him. Therefore, it's important to let him know the benefits of you using sex toys. By using them, you are finding out what turns you on, where you like being touched and the intensity at which you enjoy it.

Sex toys can help you become more familiar with your body. If you can't pleasure yourself, then how can you expect your man to? You need to convince your guy that using sex toys will make your sex life better in the long run. They can spark your imagination and make sex much more fun and exciting every time.

Let's face it; achieving an orgasm makes a woman feel sexier, happier and more feminine. And what could be wrong with that? When you learn how to pleasure yourself, you're helping your partner in the process.


You can show him where to touch you. It's OK to use objects other than your body parts to give you pleasure, so don't feel embarrassed or ashamed about using sex toys. Your sex life is private, and nobody needs to know what you do behind closed doors, except for you and your significat other.

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Love Him from a Long Distance: 5 Secrets

Some people may say that it is impossible to keep the fires burning on a long-distance relationship. Others reply that simply isn't true because absence makes the heart grow fonder. So who is right? The survivability of your long-distance romance will depend on the type of relationship you have built.

New couples often feel the bumps in the road separating them more intensely, while established couples can navigate the potholes better and keep their romance on cruise control.{relatedarticles}

Although long-distance romances present unique challenges, they are not predetermined to fail just because the fire isn't stoked every day. However, until the great divide between you and your significant other ends, here are 5 secrets for managing your long-distance relationship that will strengthen the bridge between you and your sweetheart.


Secret One: Use Technology to the Fullest

Did you know that putting the "I" into your relationship -- whether it be an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch -- just might help keep the "we" part of the relationship strong and healthy. Regardless of what the love optimists say, the mind has this awful trick of blurring images that aren't in focus.

He might not forget your face, but over time, some of your lovely and wonderful features won't be as sharp as they were when you were together. If your sweet voice isn't lingering in his ears enough, then it is time to ramp up your social media skills. Here are a few suggestions for managing your long-distance relationship with the latest technology.


  • Look for plans, services or apps that offer unlimited sharing features. A free app called Pair was recently launched for the iPhone that allows couples to share exclusively videos and photos, text, and even sketch together for free.
  • Buy a webcam. While nothing replaces in-person visits, videoconferencing is honestly the next best thing to being there. If your computer does not have a built-in webcam, get an external one for around $30 for those late-night, intimate chats.
  • Sign up for a video chat service. In addition to the webcam, you will need an account with Facetime, Skype, Gmail, iChat, AIM, or another service. Placing and receiving video chats is simple and costs nothing or very little. As long as your loved one has an account on the same network, you can talk face to face for as long as you want.{relatedarticles}


Secret Two: Prepare a Care Package

Care packages are not just for college students or overseas servicemen anymore. Next to keeping your face in the picture and your seductive voice in his ears, your next move is to fill the void of some of the other senses that your boyfriend is missing that remind him of you. A care package is a perfect way to stimulate these sensations from afar.


If you love to cook -- and your beau loves to eat your cooking -- whip up a batch of his favorite cookies or brownies. If your fellow is a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy, you can still send him his favorites packed in dry ice. When the goodies arrive, all your honey has to do is pop them in the oven or microwave and bon appétit -- it is just like you are standing in his kitchen. Food is a perfect care package because it will satisfy those primal needs.

But don't just limit your care package to food. Send him a new playlist of his favorite songs and be sure to slip in "your song" as a surprise. Another idea is to appeal to his sense of smell by sending him a pillowcase with your intoxicating scent on it. To get the maximum effect, sleep on the pillow after washing your hair or applying your favorite perfume to soak up your effervescence. The trick is to surround your guy with scents that will remind him of you and your great times together.{relatedarticles}


Secret Three: Plan a Visit


You can get a lot of mileage from a planned visit before, during and after your trip. First, comes the building of excitement of planning your trip and what you will be doing once you arrive. Next, of course, comes the actual excitement while you are there. Then finally, the afterglow once you are back home reminiscing about how much fun you had and how you cannot wait until the next time.


Secret Four: Keep Yourself Busy


The greatest gift you can give your long-distance lover is to keep yourself busy. While reminiscing about old times is fine for awhile, you will need to talk about something new to keep your romance fresh. If you and sweetheart have mutual friends, go and hang out with them so you keep your fellow caught up on all the neighborhood gossip. Remember, you had a life before you met him, which made you the interesting and attractive person he fell in love with. Go out and rediscover yourself with the extra time on your hands.



Secret Five: Make Him Feel Touched


You now have secrets for satisfying 4 of his 5 sensations: sight, sound, smell and taste. But how do you satisfy the sensation of touch from long distance? When people talk about "touch," they are not just talking about the physical sense of touch.

The other sense is when someone feels "touched" and experiences that inner warmth that comes from knowing one is loved and cherished. You can make your boyfriend feel touched in many ways, but start by telling how much you care about him and miss him. No fellow ever gets tired of hearing about how important he is to you.{relatedarticles}

While the above secrets can be quite effective, remember that they are still only substitutes for the real thing. Be prepared for stormy weather caused by the strain of being apart. Relationships are very unpredictable.

One moment you can be basking in the sun and warmth of virtual intimacy, and the next moment feel that you are separated by a void as big as the ocean. Just remember to keep working at it until you unlock his heart with the right combination of secrets for making your long distance relationship work.

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