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Hot Places to Have Sex

There was a time when you and your partner could've fried eggs on your bed sheets with all the heat and passion you generated in the bedroom. These days, you're lucky if you can pencil in a romantic rendezvous between your household chores, work obligations, and the warm glow of your TV.

If this about sums it up, don't feel bad. You are not alone in your relationship rut. Sexually speaking, it's not unusual for couples to peak, then plateau. But if you're looking to improve your sex life, the answer may be as simple as finding a few hot new places to have sex. It's amazing what a simple change of scenery can do to spice up your sex life.

Revving Up Your Sex Life After Having Kids

A lot of committed couples experience a slow-down-if not altogether halt-of their sex lives when a baby arrives. This is not uncommon, as babies (and kids) require a lot of work, and childcare can cause significant disruptions in sleeping patterns, not to mention impacting your alone time.

If your sex problems center on childrearing restrictions, such as feeling like you never have time for fun, creative sex, it's time to think about what you can do to shake things up a bit. Listed below are a few tips on recharging your sexual batteries:

  • Start making time for sex. Even if you're tired or the chores seem to be piling up, remember that you probably won't ever regret the time you devote to being intimate with your mate.
  • Get creative. Couples involved in long-term relationships can benefit from exploring different types of sexual play.
  • Feeling bored? Bring staid sex out of the bedroom.

Your sexual slow-down might simply be due to a lack of sexual creativity. To know how to get out of a rut in the bedroom, couples need to scrap their routines and head for new scenery.

If your sex life has slowed down in recent weeks, months, or even years, consider where you and your partner tend to spend the most alone time together. If 99.9% of your sexual acts occur in the bedroom, it's no wonder that your life sex has waned. Even the hottest sex will tend to cool if it always happens in the same locale.

You may be amazed to find how simply changing the venue, and moving your intimate acts out of the bedroom, can lead to a more playful, invigorated sexual experience. This doesn't mean you have to transform from an under-the-sheets-with-the-lights-out kind of a gal into a wild dominatrix who has sex in the back of a crowded movie theater. Simply initiating a hot, unexpected make-out session on the living room couch or while you're making dinner might be enough to get you and your partner excited about having sex.

Setting the Mood

To get things started, you'll want to set the mood by planning a fun date night or simply setting aside a few hours for some quality alone time for you and your partner. While you may think about planning an elaborate date night, with dinner, flowers and a show, keep in mind that these candle-lit romantic evenings can sometimes feel a bit contrived and may place undo pressure on you and your mate to have a "perfect" night of sex and romance. This can lead to performance anxiety and put the brakes on recharging your sex life.

Your sexcapades shouldn't always start or end up in the bedroom. Take your creative date to a new level by daring your lover to do it outside of the bedroom. If the couch is predictable, move it to the dining room, kitchen, study, or other spare room. Heck, even a chair instead of the bed is a great way to start thinking about sex in a different way.

Your date night gift could be the power of suggestion. Wanna try it on the rug? How about the kitchen counter? Maybe you can start with a sensual shower for two and end in the living room. The key is to think outside of the bedroom, and look around your home for hot places to have sex.

If sex outside of the bedroom isn't cutting it to really recharge those batteries, it may be time to think about more creative places to have sex. The idea is to mix it up, reengage each other intimately, and keep sexual appetites peaked. One caveat: you'll need to be careful and discreet in your out-of-the-house sexual encounters. Be aware that sex in public is typically illegal and depending on Federal, state and local laws, if you get caught in flagrante, you may face a warning, fines, or more serious charges.

With that disclaimer out of the way, it's time to start thinking about hot places to have sex that are outside of the home.

Hot Places to Have Sex Outside of the Home

An unconventional date night idea could be to suggest to your partner that you both vow to find "the best place to have sex." Start off in the house, and move on to other venues. Think of this as a sexual field trip and the reward is an intimate bonding experience that will leave you both hot and bothered. Remember that sex isn't limited to intercourse. You don't have to "go all the way" to get the most out of these intimate encounters.

Listed below are a few hot places to have sex:

  • The office - Who doesn't entertain the thought of a hot romp at the office? Just be sure it's somewhere without surveillance cameras or a roving security guard. Your best bet is a room with a door that locks (the copy room perhaps?), and tempting as it may be, forget the boss's office. If Hollywood has taught us anything, it's that that won't end well!
  • Hotel sex - Want to make this really hot? Arrange your hotel meet-up as if you were having an affair. Arrive separately, share a cocktail in the hotel bar and start the foreplay on the elevator ride back to the room.
  • In the woods - Plan a nature hike or camping trip, and come prepared with a soft blanket and a sense of adventure. Watch out for bugs, poison ivy, and dangerous animals!
  • In the backseat - Backseat make-out sessions aren't just for teens after prom. Park your car in a secluded locale, and let your mind-and hands-wander.

As hot as it sounds, joining the famed-and infamous-Mile High Club these days is a risky venture. Sky marshals and heightened security have rendered this virtually impossible for most couples. Unless you can charter a jet, you may have to settle for hot places to have sex that are on solid ground. That being said, don't overlook the appeal of getting intimate on a cruise or any type of boat. The sound and motion of the water can do a lot to get your senses piqued.

Likewise, you're never too old for a skinny dip. Find a private lake, pool or secluded pond, ditch your clothes and have fun together.

The key to having sex outside of the bedroom is to be creative and have a sense of adventure. And remember that sexual intimacy isn't limited to intercourse. Anything you do that brings you and your partner closer together while outside of the bedroom is sure to help generate heat between the sheets.

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The Best Places to Meet Your Next Date

On TV and in the movies, couples usually meet in some spontaneously romantic way. They run into one other by accident, lock eyes, and the scene cuts to the bedroom...or the altar.

Those of us who have been in the dating scene long enough know that such magical meetings are not the stuff of reality. Like every other achievement in our lives, meeting the right man usually takes dedication, hard work, and creativity.

Even for those of us who don't plan to take that long walk down the aisle anytime soon, aiming for a fun, fulfilling romance with a compatible partner is still important. Any woman will tell you that relationships in which the two parties share common values are more fun, more rewarding, and even more sexually satisfying.

So how and where do you meet your next great romance? Think common ground and personal connection.

In recent years, many women have grown tired of the usual spots and strategies for meeting guys. While many a fine relationship has begun at a club or bar, the consensus of late is that these establishments are better places to cut loose with your girlfriends than to meet the man of your dreams.

Whether you're interested in casual dating or looking to make a more lasting connection, there are plenty of options for you.

Women sometimes try to find a guy by attending adult education classes at the local community college or recreation center. Unfortunately, many of these classes are usually full of other women, with only a few men to be found. This is mainly because most women are interested in classes geared to female tastes.

Home Improvement Class

There are some exceptions, of course, but in general if a man is at a wine-tasting or pottery class, he's there to impress his significant other. Luckily, there are some classes men show up for in droves when nobody is forcing them to: DIY home improvement classes.

Most of the larger home improvement stores offer these learning opportunities to the public. By attending a home improvement class, you can learn how to take home repair into your own hands and maybe even meet the perfect assistant.

Get Active

Joining a sports team or a group that enjoys athletic activities is a great way to meet new people, including a possible love connection. Whether you're into bowling, hiking, bicycling, skating, or even mountain climbing, there are usually tons of groups (even in cities) that exist to bring people together through fun and healthy activities.

Joining a group that engages in physical activities together is a great way to stay fit, have fun doing something you enjoy, and meet people who share your goals and interests. Plus, all that sweaty activity is a great way to get your endorphins going!

Sports Bars

While the usual bar/club scene is difficult for making love connections, the sports bar scene is a different story. Sports bars offer a more down-to-earth, casual atmosphere and the guy-to-girl ratio is definitely in your favor. It's also a great option if you're more into watching sports than playing them.

At a sports bar you're on his turf which may help a shy or quiet guy to be comfortable enough to open up. Plus, all the male energy may be an exciting, energizing force for you. Kick back, order a cold beer and make sure to pay at least some attention to the game.

If you're looking for compatibility and a real connection, try looking for a date at locations where you're sure to meet someone with common interests.


Volunteering gives people a sense of satisfaction as well as a feeling of openness toward others. Combine this with the strong passion many volunteers have for their cause of choice and you'll have an excellent environment for romance to blossom.

Whatever the volunteer work entails, there is usually a need for people to co-operate and work closely together either physically or mentally. In that setting, you can gain a lot of knowledge about those you work with, especially any guys you may have on your radar. Is he compassionate? Does he work well with others? If he earns high grades on the "good guy" report card, you may want to make your move.

Spiritual Connections

Adults of all ages are renewing their interest in spirituality, whether by returning to the faith of their childhood, or by venturing out on their own chosen path to the divine. This increased focus on the spiritual element has led to more people seeking romantic connections in the places where their grandparents may have met: houses of worship.

This choice is best for those who are looking for a relationship with long-term possibilities. If the idea of flirting during evening prayers creeps you out, don't worry. Many houses of worship offer thriving singles groups and mixers to provide a more appropriate setting for the faithful to find love.

Events for Singles

Speed dating events and other singles-focused activities are a great choice for a woman who enjoys a more structured atmosphere for meeting a partner. When the question of whether someone is looking is already answered, there's room for direct conversations to determine compatibility. While the atmosphere is light-hearted, the attendees are definitely oriented toward meeting someone special.

When searching for your perfect match, don't discount traditional ways of meeting a guy. It's perfectly fine to meet someone through friends and family. Fix-ups (think of them as referrals) from people you love and trust can actually work. Or try the new classic: the Internet. Just remember to use reputable sites and follow basic online safety rules.

You can land a date for Saturday night, or even for many Saturdays after that. It may take some time, or it might be that eye-sparkling fairytale moment, after all. You never know until you try.

Sometimes you have to be your own fairy godmother, so get out there and work your magic.

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5 Signs He's Cheating

Cheaters never prosper... and neither do their partners.

That said, cheating is as prevalent as ever with one or both spouses copping to either physical or emotional infidelity in about 41 percent of marriages. According to research conducted by the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, those philandering ways aren't just limited to men. While 57% of males admit to being unfaithful in any relationship they've had, about 54% of women were also guilty of the same transgressions.

Cheating and extramarital affairs can be devastating for a relationship. Those extra-curricular activities are cited as one of the most common reasons for divorce and the end of long-term relationships. While no one wants to believe their significant other would partake in the ultimate betrayal, it's a cruel reality for many men and women.

It can be difficult to accept the truth, but it's important to be aware of what could be occurring right beneath your nose. Learn to look for the signs in your relationship. Whether you're already suspicious or preparing yourself for a new marriage or relationship, these here are five signs that can point to a cheating partner.


1. Changes in physical appearance and upkeep - we all know the longer a couple is in a relationship, the more comfortable they become with each other. Looking your absolute best at all times can often takes a back seat when you're just hanging around at home or going to sleep after a long day. Lingerie getting traded in for sweats sound familiar?

If your husband begins to pay more attention to his physical appearance and is doing things like buying new clothes, wearing new more cologne, tanning, joining a gym or getting his teeth whitened - there's a good chance it isn't for you. If he's not already seeing someone else, he may be readying himself to find another. Unless there's a big event on the horizon like a wedding or reunion, ask him what's up with the sudden interest in manscaping.

2. Being too nice - this one might sound a bit silly. Who doesn't want their partner to show them extra affection and attention? However, if this attention is out of the ordinary and doesn't seem to be sparked by anything in particular, he could be making up for guilty feelings and/or distracting you from his inappropriate behavior. Showering you with gifts, calling and/or texting you multiple times a day to "check in" or "say hello," planning expensive dinners and dates, sending you shopping with his credit card, going on a spontaneous vacation -- these are all red flags. Don't be blinded by the rush of that new wallet and matching shoes or the relaxation of a spa visit - find out what's really behind the excess of generous gestures.


3. Using the Internet non-stop - Who isn't consumed by social networking sites and funny videos on YouTube these days? If your spouse is going to the extreme and staying on the computer until all hours of the night or his iPhone seems to have become permanently attached to his hand, you could have cause to worry. Many men seek and start relationships with other women online in chat rooms, via instant messaging or on social networking sites. In fact, there are even Web sites set up like typical online dating services -- except they cater specifically to men looking to cheat.

If you do a quick spot-check of your computer browser's history, only to find that it's recently been wiped clean, or if an email account you used to have access to suddenly has a new password, you could have a cheater in your midst. If you're computer savvy, there are many inexpensive monitoring programs that record keystrokes, passwords and recently visited sites. However, prepare yourself for what you might find.

4. Changes in your sex life - this sign can go one of two ways. Either your partner appears to lose interest and you stop having sex altogether, or your partner has an unusually high sex drive. If you normally have an active sex life, a lack of interest could be a symptom of an affair. It might mean he having his needs satisfied elsewhere or that his guilt over what (or who) he is doing makes him embarrassed or ashamed to be intimate with you. On the other hand, if you find that his sex drive is through the roof, he may be trying to overcompensate for his infidelity and distract you from his recent illicit behavior. In the same vein, beware if he starts requesting to use condoms if you normally do not.


5. Being extra critical - does he seem to get mad at you for everything you do lately? Call you names or put you down about your appearance? If your man starts picking fights over small issues and/or criticizing your looks and behavior, he could be cheating. This behavior often starts when a man is cheating as a way to justify his misdeeds. If he convinces himself that you are unattractive or nagging, he will feel less guilty.

Starting an argument is also a tactic for getting out of the house so he can meet his lover or go looking for a new one. If he storms out of the house when you overcook his steak or calls you ugly because a hair is out of place - something is definitely amiss.

While this list is a good indicator of cheating behavior, it's important to proceed with caution. There may be other reasons or explanations behind your significant other's sudden change in behavior. Before you confront your partner, think about your lives and if any events could have sparked these changes. Work stress, family problems or even a medical issue could be responsible for unusual behavior or moods. However, if you believe there is no other explanation, you may choose to confront your partner.


If your worst fears are confirmed, you will likely be in a highly emotional state. You'll likely want to rush into the room and pitch a fit. As hard as it may seem, it is better to remain calm, or attempt to, anyway. Approaching your partner with a level head will yield the best results. Be prepared to back up your suspicions and for him to deny them. If you want to save your relationship, be prepared to put in the time to work through it and accept that he may not want to continue it.

Cheating may be a deal-breaker for you, so you must also be ready to call it quits if it turns out your concerns were warranted.

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