Five Types of Fighters in Relationships

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It's normal for couples to argue once in a while. In fact, it's healthy to solve disagreements by communicating in the right way. But we all have our own style of fighting, and how you handle an argument is key to the most important part of it – making up. See if you recognize yourself or your mate in these fighting styles. The Historian is the type of person who will bring up all the times in the past when you've committed the same offense you're fighting about this time around. So if he's upset about a mess that you didn't clean up, then he'll remind you of every single time you've left dirty dishes in the sink, not scooped the cat litter and so on. The Accuser is the type of person who doesn't acknowledge any of their own personal fault in the disagreement. In other words, it's all the other person's fault. The Accuser starts sentences with words like, "You never..." or "You always..." Never does The Accuser take responsibility for whatever's wrong. Perhaps one of the most toxic, The Librarian is the type to ignore problems and tends to clam up when something is wrong, rather than discussing it. If things get to the point when The Librarian argues, then be prepared for the silent treatment when he or she is finished.